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Powered by Cortet. The Faster, More Reliable and More Profitable Path to IoT.

The Cortet team is an integral part of CEL, a trusted wireless lighting partner of Fortune 100s and small companies alike for over 55 years. Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers and business leaders who have spent years developing commercial-grade wireless lighting products and control systems. Our employee-owned business is stable, profitable, and resilient.

Cortet produces complete, white-labeled hardware and software solutions that OEMs can use to more quickly and easily launch their own IoT-enabled product lines for the building automation industry, complete with an intelligent, integrated IoT platform.

By using the Cortet platform as the foundation for their IoT products, OEMs can reduce time-to-market, design complexity and risk, while ensuring greater product differentiation with the most advanced IoT functionality, such as built-in system compatibility, ease-of- installation and simplified management.

This increases their chances of success when entering IoT markets for the first time by avoiding the most common technology and product design pitfalls, allowing them to generate higher-margin revenue from the start and create new opportunities for emerging cloud-based service revenue moving forward.

Cortet’s turnkey Lighting Control Solution is specifically designed to help luminaire and lamp OEMs create products that expand their sales and share of non-specified business, while also increasing their ability to promote and sell specified solutions that require IoT functionality.

CEL has experts in numerous offices including California, Illinois, Colorado, Hong Kong, and Japan.