CEL Explains the Four Benefits of Using a Gateway in Your IoT Design

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  • March 28, 2017
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  • Santa Clara, CA

Why you still really need a gateway in your IoT Design

CEL Explains the Four Benefits of Using a Gateway in Your IoT Design CEL’s new article, “The Four Benefits of Using a Gateway in Your IoT Design,” will help design engineers and IoT system developers navigate through the deluge of IoT information and identify which technology choices will have the biggest positive impact on their upcoming product plans.

The term “Gateway” has become a bit of a lightning rod in our industry, with many arguing against the need for them. This article provides four good reasons to include a gateway in many designs.

No Perceived System Latency
Adding and Configuring Smart Devices Simply and Quickly
Uninterrupted, Internet-Independent Operation
Easier to Create Rich and Useful User Interface

Having a gateway do the heavy lifting provides users with the seamless, “It just works” control experience they expect; and building managers get the immediate, “plug-and-play” device installation and management they require.

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