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Cortet Introduces Demand Response Control by Zone

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  • January 10, 2019
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  • Santa Clara, CA

Customize reaction to DR events with the Cortet Lighting Control Solution

Cortet, the leader in smart building IoT technologies creating the industry standard for compatibility and performance, announces a new feature of the Cortet Lighting Control Solution, the ability for customers to control reactions to demand response events from utilities zone by zone in a building. 

According to the 2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot from Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), commercial and industrial (C&I) customers were the largest segment (65.5%) enrolled in demand response in 2017. Two-thirds of C&I customers participated in customer-initiated programs reacting to utility requests for reduced load most commonly by reducing processes or production, HVAC use or lighting. In automated demand reduction programs lighting was also a top three method for reducing energy usage during peak times. 

Rather than dimming the lights in an entire building, the Cortet Lighting Control Solution enables building owners and managers to opt zones in and out of DR events. During commissioning, installers can select certain lighting zones to turn off during a DR event while other zones are dimmed or left at full lighting levels. Even if buildings are not enrolled in a demand response program today, the Cortet Lighting Control Solution DR feature can be engaged in the future without any changes to the lighting system or hardware updates. 

“One of the hurdles of demand response programs is peak events typically occur when more customers want to be using electricity, like during weather extremes,” said David Parrett, Director of Product Marketing for Cortet. “Reducing energy usage is easier when it doesn’t have to be an extreme and can be customized to fit a customer’s needs. The Cortet Lighting Control Solution is a tool that can aid compliance during DR events by reducing the impact felt by the customer.”

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About Cortet

Cortet™ is an integral part of CEL, a trusted wireless partner of Fortune 100s and small companies alike for over 55 years. Cortet designs and provides complete hardware and software solutions that lighting OEMs can use to quickly and profitably launch their own IoT-enabled product lines and control systems for the smart building industry. Cortet designs and manufactures the Cortet™ and MeshConnect® lines of IEEE 802.15.4, zigbee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® wireless solutions, and also provides complete control systems such as the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

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