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New Cortet Certified ILLUMRA Area Controller Announced at LIGHTFAIR

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  • May 05, 2018
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  • Santa Clara, CA

Achieve instant wireless receptacle control for improved energy savings

Cortet, the leader in smart building IoT technologies creating the industry standard for compatibility and performance, is adding the ILLUMRA 20A Wireless Zigbee On/Off Area Controller to its suite of certified products at Lightfair 2018. Incorporating the controller into smart lighting installations can achieve additional energy efficiency.

The 20A Zigbee On/Off Area Controller from ILLUMRA can reduce energy consumption through the use of manual control, scheduling, and vacancy detection, enabled by wireless connections to accessories such as wireless motion sensors, gateways, and switches.

“Cortet is providing a reliable and secure platform with a full suite of integrated products for the zigbee wireless standard,” said Jan Finlinson, President of ILLUMRA. “We are thrilled to have our 20A Zigbee On/Off Area Controller accepted into the Cortet Certified program and join their powerful ecosystem.”

Products that achieve Cortet Certification are tested and guaranteed to be compatible with other components in the Cortet Lighting Control System. Cortet is one-stop sourcing for gateways, switches, receptacles and all other necessary devices to achieve faultless building control.

“Incorporating the ILLUMRA 20A Wireless Zigbee On/Off Area Controller into a lighting design in a commercial space makes it easier to manage energy savings,” said Erik Davidson, Director of Marketing & Product Management, Cortet. “Multiple solutions are not needed to turn off all the controlled receptacles in one space if scheduled, or if a room is unoccupied. The area controller makes compliance simple.”

Visit Cortet at Lightfair at booth #226 in the IoT Pavilion. For more information about the “Powered by Cortet” or “Cortet Certification” programs, visit

About Cortet

Cortet™ is an integral part of CEL, a trusted wireless partner of Fortune 100s and small companies alike for over 55 years. Cortet designs and provides complete hardware and software solutions that lighting OEMs can use to quickly and profitably launch their own IoT-enabled product lines and control systems for the smart building industry. Cortet designs and manufactures the Cortet™ and MeshConnect® lines of IEEE 802.15.4, zigbee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® wireless solutions, and also provides complete control systems such as the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

CEL has North American offices in California, Illinois, and Colorado.


ILLUMRA is a leading North American supplier of lighting control and energy management systems. ILLUMRA is an EPA Energy Star Partner and develops wired and wireless HVAC and lighting controls for commercial buildings. Products are sold via distributors and OEM partners throughout the world. For more information about ILLUMRA and its products, please visit, or call (801) 349-1200.