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EM357 High Temp

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CEL's MeshConnect™ EM358x Mini Modules are based on the Ember EM3588 ZigBee® SoC from Silicon Labs. They are pin-compatible extensions to CEL's leading line of EM357-based modules and are available in low and high output power options (+8dBm and +20 dBm) to accommodate designers with various range and performance requirements.

The EM3588 SoC IC consists of an RF transceiver with a baseband modem, a hard-wired MAC and an embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ -M3 microcontroller with internal RAM (64 kB) and Flash (512 kB) memory. When compared to the EM357 SoC, the new EM3588 provides significant increases in embedded memory with over 2.7x more flash and 5x more RAM.

The additional flash allows for more application storage and Over-The-Air programming capability without the need for space-consuming supplemental (external) system memory. The added RAM enables the modules to support ZigBee IPv6-based networks (like the ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 standard and 6LoWPAN), handle complex tasks requiring RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) capability, and support larger mesh networks.

As Silicon Labs' module partner, CEL has companion kits that enable the Mini Modules to be directly integrated into the Ember Insight™ development tools for easy integration and development.


Key Features

  • Enable ZigBee® and Thread on any device with a USB serial port
  • Based on Silicon Labs® EM358: 32-bit ARM® Cortex-M3 processor with 512 kB Flash
  • Best-in-class RF performance for superior range
  • Direct connection to Ember InSight Adapter (ISA3) for programming and debugging EM35x applications
  • Contains the industry's premier ZigBee Pro stack: Ember ZNet PRO
  • Supports Mesh, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Networks

Key parameters

Part Number

ZICM3588SP0 ZICM3588SP2            




Transceiver Chipset Ember EM3588 Ember EM3588 Network Mesh Mesh Tx PowerOutput +8 dBm +20 dBm
Flash Memory on Chip 512 kB 512 kB Software/ZigBee Stack EmberZNet™ PRO (ZigBee PRO) EmberZNet™ PRO (ZigBee PRO) Rx Sensitivity -100 dBm -103dBm
SRAM Memory on Chip 64 kB 64 kB Temperature -40° to 85° C -40° to 85° C
Supplemental Flash Memory - - Vcc 2.1 V to 3.6 V 2.1 V to 3.6 V
I/O 23 22 Rx Current 30 mA 34 mA
Tx Current 44 mA 150 mA
Sleep/Supend Current 2.4 µA 2.4 µA
Dimensions (Units in mm) 23.9 x 16.6 x 3.86 23.9 x 16.6 x 3.86


  • Transmit Powers:
    • +8 dBm (ZICM3588SP0)
    • +20 dBm (ZICM3588SP2)
  • Sensitivity:
    • -100 dBm (ZICM3588SP0)
    • -103 dBm (ZICM3588SP2)
  • RF Link Budget:
    • +108 dBm (ZICM3588SP0)
    • +123 dBm (ZICM3588SP2)
  • Advanced ARM® Cortex-M3 processor
    • 512 kB Flash (Supports OTA Programming); 64 kB SRAM
    • SPI Master / Slave, TWI and UART
    • Timers, Serial Wire / JTAG Interface
    • 5-channel, 14-bit ADC
    • Up to 23 GPIO Pins


  • Network Speed: 250 kbps
  • 16 RF Channels
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Software support:
    Industry's premier ZigBee PRO stack: EmberZNet PRO
  • Supports Mesh Networks
  • Integrated PCB Antenna
    • FCC, IC and CE Certifications
  • External Antenna:
    • Optional RF port for External Antenna
    • FCC, IC Certifications for Nearson
      S181AH-2450S Antenna
  • Pin Compatible Mini Modules:
    • +8dBM and +20dBm are pin compatible
    • ZICM357SPx and ZICM3588SPx series are pin compatible




  • Smart Energy (thermostats, meters, in-home displays and smart plugs)
  • Home Automation and Control (Energy Management, Security Devices and HVAC Controls)
  • Building Automation and Control
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting (Fixtures and Control)
  • Connected Home Technology
  • General ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networking

CEL's MeshConnect certified and qualified modules enable customers to reduce their design and certification costs of development as well as development risk, while reducing time to market.


EM35X Ember Companion Kit

CEL's MeshConnect EM35x Ember Companion Kit is designed to work with the Ember development kits [ZICM-EM35X-DEV-KIT-3, EM35X-DEV and EM35X-DEV-IAR]. Each module in this CEL kit is soldered on a carrier board making it pin-for-pin compatible with the Ember development board.

The Hardware Contents of this kit are:

6 MeshConnect Mini Modules (ZICM357SPx-1x and ZICM3588SPx-1x). Each Module is mounted on a daughter card (soldered on a carrier board) ready to plug into the Ember EM35x development boards.

  • (1) ZICM357SP0-1C on carrier board / EM357 IC, +8dBm output power with RF port for external antenna
  • (1) ZICM357SP2-1 on carrier board / EM357 IC, +20dBm output power with PCB trace antenna
  • (1) ZICM357SP2-1C on carrier board / EM357 IC, +20dBm output power with RF port for external antenna
  • (1) ZICM3588SP0-1C on carrier board / EM3588 IC, +8dBm output power with RF port for external antenna
  • (1) ZICM3588SP2-1 on carrier board / EM3588 IC, +20dBm output power with PCB trace antenna
  • (1) ZICM3588SP2-1C on carrier board / EM3588 IC, +20dBm output power with RF port for external antenna

For more details on the specs of these Modules, please see MeshConnect EM35x Module datasheet. The Software Contents of this kit are: None. No firmware/source code is programmed on the MeshConnect modules

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