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cortet partners

Cortet Certified Partners

Control systems built on top of the Cortet IoT Control Platform support many best-in-class devices from third parties. For example, the Cortet Lighting Control Solution supports many different types of lighting devices such as sensors and switches by Leviton, fixture adapters by ILLUMRA, and sensors and adapters by EuControls.

To become a Cortet Certified device, a device must undergo a rigorous testing and certification program in the Cortet Test & Integration lab. Cortet engineers work closely with Cortet Certified Partners to ensure that the hardware and software for every device is reliable in a large scale wireless system. Once a device is certified, customers of Cortet solutions can buy it for use in commercial deployments.

Powered By Cortet Partners

Cortet Solutions are specifically tailored to help smart building product OEMs launch IoT-enabled products quickly to drive new high-margin revenue.

You can power your IoT-enabled smart building control product or control system with Cortet. For example, if you're a luminaire OEM, and you want to introduce a lighting control system to the market in order to generate new lighting controls revenue and to generate sales lift on your existing luminaire business, you can use the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

To harness Cortet and power you controls product or system with Cortet, become a Powered By Cortet partner

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