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A Closer Look at the Cortet E100 Networked Lighting Control Gateway

  • 03.28.18
  • ::
  • By David Parrett

The Cortet Blog | E100 Closer Look

One of the smallest, most capable and most secure gateways on the market.

In my last post, I focused on why over-the-air (OTA) updates are so critical for the long-term success of your networked lighting control solution. In it, I mentioned the important role system gateways can play in ensuring that firmware updates go smoothly every time.

That post hinted at the critical, unique role gateways play in the overall Cortet Lighting Control Solution. Cortet gateways serve a much larger role than just connecting the control network to the internet. They also serve as the highly intelligent "brains" of the overall system.

In today's post, I'll spotlight the advanced features and benefits that differentiate the E100 and put it in a clear leadership position in the market.

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E100 Technical Features and Benefits

For having such a small form-factor (it's one of — if not the — smallest gateways on the market), the E100 packs in a long list of industry-leading capabilities, including scalability, scheduling flexibility and security.


For a device that measures only 2 inches (50.8mm) by 2 inches (50.8mm) by 1.01 inches (25.7mm), each E100 provides unprecedented scalability, making them ideally suited for small- to-medium-sized commercial projects of up to 30 rooms.

Each E100 wirelessly controls up to 120 Cortet Certified devices, including LED fixture controllers, wall switches and sensors. Up to six E100s can be included in the network, allowing for control of up to 720 devices in total.

Here's a list of the E100's key capabilities for easy reference:

  •      Communication and Control Standard: zigbee
  •      Wireless Range: Up to 100 meters
  •      Addressable Devices Per Gateway: 120
  •      Number of Zones Per Gateway: 30
  •      Maximum Number of Gateways per Network: 6
  •      Maximum Addressable Devices: 720
  •      Maximum Number of Zones: 180

Scheduling Flexibility

In addition to scale, the E100 also provides the flexibility in system configuration, management and scheduling that today's IoT-enabled commercial spaces demand.

Configurable via a mobile application, the E100 is capable of managing four schedules, per zone, per day, with a maximum of two day-groupings per zone.

This gives our Powered by Cortet partners the freedom to configure their systems exactly the way their end-customers want, with optimal energy efficiency and the desired occupant experience.


The security of the end-customer's network is paramount, so we engineered the E100 to not only meet current industry best practices, but to exceed them.

To guard against emerging threats, Cortet monitors the security landscape closely and consistently provides system updates, deployed in collaboration with our Powered by Cortet partners, to address emerging threats.

The system leverages zigbee HA 1.2 security with AES 128 encryption for device-to-device communications. Each E100 employs network segmentation that limits a potential breach to those lighting devices within individual zigbee networks.

Acting as the Central Control "Brains" of the Network

When many people hear the word "gateway" they may immediately assume that the E100 simply plays the typical role of connecting the system to the broader internet and routing data.

In actuality, the E100 is where the most advanced Cortet software, hardware, networking and security technologies are housed.

These technologies collectively enable the E100 to act as an intelligent lighting control hub. Among its many functions, the E100 is responsible for processing all sensor data and programmed schedules to optimize the environment.

It also enables installers, facility managers and users to set up and control all Cortet Certified devices on the network using the Cortet lighting control app for smartphones and tablets.

Devices can be controlled individually or in groups, working onsite or remotely through the Cortet cloud infrastructure. The E100 manages and routes all control commands to and from all networked devices.

As discussed in my last post on over-the-air updates, the E100 is also responsible for maintaining a secure and private connection to the Cortet cloud infrastructure.

This allows for safe transfer of commands from remote connections outside of the building while also downloading firmware updates for itself and all other Cortet Certified devices on the network.

Compliance with Rapidly Emerging Energy Standards

As the market for IoT-based commercial controls has continued to grow, more states in the U.S. have begun to recognize the substantial energy-savings these systems make possible.

As a result, the number of states with stringent energy codes for new commercial building construction, and/or significant rebate programs that encourage the use of lighting controls, is on the rise.

The E100 Gateway already meets or exceeds all state-level energy efficiency standards, requirements and building codes.

And, with the ability to consistently update the E100 and all Cortet Certified devices on the network, our partners and their end-customers can be confident that as new, tougher standards emerge, the complete system will be ready for them.

Ideal for Small-to-Medium Commercial Projects


Because of their unique combination of size, scalability and features, E100 Gateways (as part of a complete Cortet Lighting Control Solution) are ideally suited for small- to medium-sized commercial projects.

Cortet defines this segment of the market as being at least a multi-room configuration (single-room projects typically do not need a centralized intelligent control gateway) and scaling up to 30 zones on multiple floors.

Cortet estimates that this segment represents about 80% of the addressable market for either retrofitting or ­new construction, making it the biggest potential revenue opportunity for our partners.

For projects over 30 rooms that may involve multiple buildings or even an entire campus on the network, adding multiple E100 Gateways to the network provide enhanced scale. We'll talk more about this concept in future posts.

For Next Time...

We hope this in-depth overview of the features and benefits of the E100 has been helpful. Moving forward, we plan on doing more of these "deeper dives" on each of the major components of the complete Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

We'd love to hear your feedback, so please leave us comments below or send email to Also, be sure to subscribe to our email alerts and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss a thing.

In my next posts, I’ll be covering more business, technology and services topics aimed at helping you make the best decisions for a winning networked lighting control strategy.

See you there.


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