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ILLUMRA Expands Portfolio of Cortet Certified Devices

  • 05.07.18
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  • By The Cortet Editorial Staff



More LIGHTFAIR 2018 breaking news: ILLUMRA has officially expanded its Cortet Certified portfolio to include the company’s 20A Wireless Zigbee On/Off Area Controller.

The controller can reduce energy consumption through the use of manual control, scheduling, and vacancy detection, enabled by wireless connections to accessories such as wireless motion sensors, gateways, and switches.

Products that achieve Cortet Certification are tested and guaranteed to be compatible with other components in the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

Attending LIGHTFAIR? Visit Cortet booth #226 in the IoT Pavilion to see a demonstration of these and the complete portfolio of Cortet Certified devices!

Read the Full Press Release:
New Cortet Certified ILLUMRA Area Controller Announced at LIGHTFAIR

ILLUMRA is a leading North American supplier of lighting control and energy management systems. As an EPA Energy Star Partner, the company develops wired and wireless HVAC and lighting controls for commercial buildings.

ILLUMRA products are sold via distributors and OEM partners throughout the world. For more information about the company and its Cortet Certified products, visit or call (801) 349-1200.

About the Cortet Certified Program

The Cortet Certified Program helps our partners embed Cortet technology into their occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors, switches, fixture adapters, and other lighting accessories.

This adds wireless connectivity and intelligence to these products, and ensures they are fully compatible with other Cortet devices and technologies.

The devices undergo rigorous testing and certification in the Cortet Test & Integration Lab to ensure that hardware and software is completely reliable in a large-scale wireless system.

Once testing and certification is complete, each of the products is designated as Cortet Certified.

The Benefits of Being a Cortet Certified Partner

The Cortet Certified program is designed to help our partners expand their sales opportunities and increase revenue by participating in the Cortet-powered channel.

When a product wears the Cortet Certified badge, it gives designers confidence that they will have access to an abundant number of devices that work together and can be used seamlessly within the network.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cortet Certified Partner, or if you just have some questions, feel free to reach out to us on our general contact form here or call +1 (408) 919-2500.

The Complete Cortet Lighting Control Solution

All Cortet Certified products are guaranteed to be compatible and operate seamlessly with other Cortet Certified devices and technologies within a complete Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution is a turnkey, expandable, and intelligent wireless lighting control system developed by Cortet, but offered exclusively to end-customers through our Powered by Cortet partners.

The Powered by Cortet program is designed to provide our partner luminaire and lamp OEMs with a ready-for-market, advanced lighting controls system that they can sell to their customers.

The goal of the program is to make it easier, faster and more profitable for them to add lighting controls to their product portfolio, enabling them to increase existing sources of revenue, and create new ones.

Download the full overview PDF or visit Cortet on the web for more information on the Powered by Cortet partner program and the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

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