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Introducing Cortet Certified: Here’s How It Works

  • 10.24.17
  • ::
  • By David Parrett

Cortet Certified

In June of this year we announced our new Cortet Certified program. It aims to give luminaire manufacturers greater sales opportunities with a control solution that is purpose-built for commercial lighting.

In case you missed it, you can read the full press release announcing the program by clicking HERE.

We’ve had numerous partners sign up and they continue to provide fantastic feedback that helps improve and optimize the certification process.


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Now, with Cortet Certified well underway and growing, we thought it would be a great time to provide more detail on the program and how it works.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cortet Certified Partner, or if you just have some questions, please feel free to reach out to us by using our general contact form linked HERE.


To fully explain Cortet Certified, we’ll first need to provide some background on The Cortet™ Lighting Control System and the Powered by Cortet program.

The Cortet™ Lighting Control System is a powerful and intelligent IoT-based wireless control platform.

Our Powered by Cortet Partners use the platform as the turnkey foundation for their own reliable, automated, secure — and profitable — lighting control solution for modern smart buildings.

You can find more detailed information about the platform at the link HERE (Downloadable PDF).


The Cortet Certified program ultimately supports the Powered by Cortet program by helping control partners embed Cortet technology into occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors, switches, fixture adapters, and other lighting accessories.

This adds wireless connectivity and intelligence to these products, and ensures they are fully compatible on a “plug-and-play” basis with other Cortet devices and technologies.

These devices undergo rigorous testing and certification in the Cortet Test & Integration Lab to ensure that hardware and software is completely reliable in a large-scale wireless system.

Once testing and certification is complete, each of the products is designated as Cortet Certified.

Customers who choose products that feature the Cortet Certified badge are guaranteed that the device is compatible with all other Cortet Certified products.

This allows them to confidently select these products to meet their lighting control needs. In fact, the warranty on Cortet-powered systems depends on using Cortet Certified devices.


We have two major goals with the Cortet Certified program. First, we want to help our partners expand their sales opportunities and increase revenue by participating in the Cortet-powered channel.

Second, we want to ensure that designers and implementers can be 100% confident that, by choosing Cortet-powered products, they will have access to an abundant number of devices that work together and can be used seamlessly within the network.

It’s critically important that the Cortet Certified badge represents the highest quality, compatibility and reliability possible. After all, the brand reputation of our partners, implementers and our own company is at stake.

Therefore, we provide extensive, hands-on support and training to partners undergoing certification for their products — including direct access to our engineers and technical staff.

To give you a sense of what the certification process and resources look like, we’ve provided a high-level overview below.


Phase 1: Engagement
Cortet and the partner scope out the effort and the device types that would provide appropriate solution enhancements for the end customer.


Phase 2: Hardware Design/Review
Cortet and the partner evaluate existing hardware options, or collaborate on new product development efforts, to provide reliable hardware into which the embedded software can be integrated.  This phase includes baseline testing of Total Radiated Power (TRP).


Phase 3: Software Development
Cortet and the partner collaborate on software development.


Phase 4: SQA Testing
The Cortet Test & Integration Lab conducts Software Quality Assurance (SQA) tests to validate functionality, report test results, and collaborate on corrective actions for any failures.


Phase 5: Initial Production
After successful completion of SQA testing, partner completes preliminary production run of Cortet part numbers with supporting documentation.  Samples are sent to in-house Cortet testing lab.


Phase 6: Scale Testing
Cortet Test & Integration Lab conducts scale testing in order to validate functionality, report test results, and collaborate on corrective actions for any failures in a large-scale network with many different devices.


After successful completion of scale testing, Cortet supports partner efforts in launch with supplemental marketing and cross-promotional activities.


Ongoing Support
Cortet will maintain ongoing scale testing, including testing with all new Cortet Certified devices. As any bugs or improvements are encountered, Cortet will test new firmware revisions and manage Over-The-Air (OTA) updates to deployed devices. In addition to an ongoing commitment to product quality, Cortet will provide post-installation support on an as-agreed basis.


Keep an eye out for my next post in the coming weeks. In it, I’ll give an introduction on why it makes so much sense to partner with an IoT leader — and especially the control gateway — in launching your own lighting control solution.


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