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I've purchased a b1010spx eval kit. Where do i go to get started?

The B1010SP0-EVB-1 Quick Start Guide can be downloaded from the B1010SPx product page, located here.

What is the typical range of the b1010sp0-1 module?

The B1010SP0-1 module has best-in-class range due to the combination of the industry-leading output power of the CSR1010 IC plus the innovative antenna design of the CEL Mini Module. The typical range is 50 - 100m, but could be more or less due to your actual environment. For more information, please click here to request a copy of our application note Range Measurements of B1010SP0.

Do you have a reference design for the b1010spx module?

Yes, please see our Hardware Design Guidelines application note. It includes both example schematics and layout recommendations to achieve optimal performance.

How much ram, rom, and flash are present on the b1010sp0-x module?

The B1010SP0-1 module contains 64KB of RAM, 64KB of ROM, and 64KB of EEPROM memory. For applications which require more memory, the B1010SP0-2 module, with 128KB of EEPROM, is available.

How do i program the b1010spx module with my custom software image?

CEL recommends that you include a programming header in your design. This can be placed during development for programming and debug, and then depopulated for production. The header pads can be accessed using a bed-of-nails system for production programming. See our Hardware Design Guidelines application note for more information.

In terms of programmer selection, CEL recommends purchasing the programmer pictured here. It can be ordered through Digi-Key here.

Does the b1010spx modules come pre-programmed with a bluetooth mac address?

Yes, the B1010SPx modules include a Bluetooth MAC address which has been pre-programmed into the onboard EEPROM memory. Take care not to accidentally erase the address when the module is reprogrammed with your custom software image. See the B1010SPx Datasheet for more information.

Is the rf performance of the b1010spx module tested during cel's manufacturing process?

Yes, all CEL modules are 100% tested in production to guarantee high quality. In addition to measuring output power and current draw, the frequency error of the B1010SPx module is measured, and the crystal trim token is programmed to the optimal value in the onboard EEPROM memory. Take care not to accidentally erase this value when the module is reprogrammed with your custom software image. See the B1010SPx Datasheet for more information.


Which ble ic does the b1010sp0-1 use?

The B1010SP0-1 module uses the CSR1010 IC from Qualcomm, which is a single-mode BLE IC.

Which version of ble does the b1010sp0-1 module support?

The B1010SP0-1 module supports Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1. It does not support Bluetooth Classic.

Does the b1010spx module support hci?

HCI (Host Controller Interface) is a standardized architecture within the BLE standard where the upper layers of the BLE stack are implemented on a separate host controller. The B1010SPx module is designed to be a stand-alone IC, so it does not support an HCI interface.

Does the b1010spx module support a serial port replacement mode for sending generic data wirelessly?

Yes, Qualcomm has an example Serial Port Profile application which demonstrates the custom Qualcomm Serial over GATT profile. This can be used to send generic data over a BLE link. Click here for more information.

Are there any reference software applications available for the b1010sp0-1 module?

Yes, Qualcomm offers many software reference designs for various applications. Please see their Wiki located here.


How many nodes can be connected in cable network? How about csrmesh?

Unlike Bluetooth Classic, which has a hard limit of 7 slaves within a Bluetooth Classic network, there is no theoretical limit to the number of slaves within a BLE network. Qualcomm has successfully demonstrated CSRmesh networks of 1000+ devices.

How many devices can a b1010spx module be connected to at one time?

The B1010SPx module can support one connection at a time. However, connections within the BLE standard can be very short, even as short as 100ms. So it is possible to support several logical connections at once, even though each one may only be directly connected to the B1010SPx module for a portion of the time.