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What is cel's role in the bluetooth sig?

CEL is very excited about Bluetooth and the traction that the BLE standard is gaining in the market. CEL is an Associate member of the Bluetooth SIG and is active in the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group.

What is the difference between bluetooth classic and bluetooth low energy?

Bluetooth Classic has gained significant traction over the past decade as a standard designed for streaming data applications, like wireless headsets and speakers, and wireless keyboards and mice. Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.x) is specifically targeted for lower data rate applications where power consumption is key. In some applications it is possible to achieve a battery life of 5 - 10 years using a coin cell battery.

Does bluetooth low energy support a wireless mesh?

The Bluetooth SIG has formed the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group to develop a standard which will support a mesh network topology running on top of BLE. An earlier, proprietary BLE mesh implementation was developed by Qualcomm called CSRmesh, which is fully supported on CEL's B1010SP0-1 module. Please contact us for more information.

Do i need to worry about interference issues between bluetooth low energy and wifi?

While both BLE and WiFi use the same 2.4GHz ISM band, both standards have implemented methods to mitigate the potential of interference. BLE advertisements are done on channels which fall in-between WiFi channels, and once a BLE connection has been formed, BLE devices use adaptive frequency hopping and a channel update procedure to avoid interference.

What is att and gatt?

At a high level, ATT and GATT define the standardized way that data is transferred between BLE devices. GATT stands for the Generic Attribute Profile, and it uses ATT, which is the Attribute Protocol. ATT is a generic data protocol which uses a lookup table to store data such as Services and Characteristics. These Services and Characteristics are transferred between devices using GATT.

Is ble secure?

Yes, the BLE standard includes many safeguards for guaranteeing the security of a BLE network. This includes several different methods of key exchange during pairing, 128-bit AES encryption once key exchange has been completed, and the ability to broadcast a random MAC address to prevent unwanted identification.

Where can i get more information on bluetooth?

Please see the Bluetooth SIG's introduction to Bluetooth, located here.