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For fcc compliance, my understanding is that the fcc id printed on the cel label also needs to be displayed as a label on our product enclosure. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. To use our grant, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) using a Cortet module within their product must ensure that the FCC information provided on the Cortet label is placed on the outside of the OEM's final product. You can review the latest FCC laws and regulations at

Additional FCC labeling info can be found in the "Agency Certification" section of our datasheets.

I'm designing a product with multiple radios. Since we'll be using a cel module, i was wondering if adding other radios would invalidate the module's fcc approval.

In order to use CEL's modular certifications, other transmitters which will be operating at the same time as the Cortet module must be placed a certain distance from the Cortet module. Please see the "Agency Certification" section of our datasheets for more information.

Are cel modules icontrol certified?

Icontrol has pre-certified the CEL ZigBee Mini Module for use in their ecosystem. Contact us here for more information.