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What is cel's role in thread?

CEL is very excited about Thread and has joined the Thread Group as a Contributor. CEL is leveraging our experience working with ZigBee to take a leading role in the working groups that are developing the Thread specification.

I would like to ship hardware now to be upgraded in the field later to support thread. Which module should i use?

CEL recommends building with the ZICM3588SPx module. Starting with the ZICM3588SPx module will ensure there is enough memory to support Thread in the future.

I would like to develop a thread-based product in the future. Which chipset should i use for development?

We recommend starting your development with the ZICM3588SPx module. CEL offers ZICM3588SPx modules mounted on daughtercards which drop into the Silicon Labs evaluation board for the quickest development path.

Will it be possible to run thread and zigbee ha1.2 on my product concurrently?

Yes, the Silicon Labs stack supports limited dual-PAN (ZigBee/Thread) use cases.

Will thread run on my red silicon labs evaluation kit hardware? Or do i need to purchase a new kit?

The Thread stack will run on the existing Silicon Labs evaluation kit. However, to run in SoC (standalone) mode, you will need daughtercards with ZICM3588SPx modules on them. Please contact CEL if you have an older Silicon Labs evaluation kit with only EM357 modules. CEL offers daughtercards built with the EM3588 IC which will drop into your kit.

What is silicon labs' role in thread?

Silicon Labs is one of the founding members of Thread and is leading the technical development. When combined with CEL's module expertise, the ZICM35x Mini Module offers the fastest way to get a Thread-compliant product to market.

What are some of the marketing messages for thread?

Thread is being marketed as the "Wi-Fi of mesh networking" since it doesn't have an application layer as part of the standard. The Thread Group's initial focus is on promoting and certifying connected products for the home, with other markets and applications to follow.

What physical layer does thread use?

Thread's physical layer is based on 802.15.4 running at 2.4GHz. There are no plans currently to support Sub-G, WiFi or power line (PLC) physical layers.

What are some application-level ecosystems that my product could be part of while running thread?

There are 30+ ecosystems that are good candidates to run on top of Thread. Some examples are: Weave, ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL), Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), IoTivity, etc.

Where can i get more information on thread?

Please see the Thread Group's FAQ, located here.