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If i purchase certified zigbee home automation devices from different vendors, will they communicate and interoperate with each other?

Yes. The ZigBee 3.0 standard was ratified in December 2015. It will unify the existing ZigBee standards of Home Automation and Light Link, allowing for improved communication and interoperability between devices.

How does zigbee address security?

ZigBee was developed with many layers of security. ZigBee uses AES-128 encryption (government, commercial and military grade encryption used across the Internet). In addition, ZigBee defines a security toolbox for key generation and distribution that can support multiple modes for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications.

Is z-wave really a standard?

Unlike ZigBee, Z-Wave is based on technology owned by a single company. This proprietary technology is not available on equal competitive terms to multiple semiconductor manufacturers and limits competition and constricts the supply chain. ZigBee is an open, publicly available standard equally available to all. As a result there are multiple competitive sources across the ecosystem chain including ZigBee semiconductors creating more choice for product manufacturers. ZigBee also offers more performance at a lower cost, and provides more standards for use in other markets including health care, energy management and home automation.

Does zigbee home automation coexist with wi-fi?

Yes. All ZigBee standards and Wi-Fi are designed to operate effectively in the same environment. ZigBee takes full advantage of IEEE 802.15.4 proven interference avoidance techniques and features a unique channel agility mechanism. In fact, there are products in the market that have both ZigBee and Wi-Fi in them and work very effectively in buildings and homes.

Where can i get more information on zigbee?

Please see the ZigBee Alliance's FAQ, located here.