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Cortet Smart Building IoT Control Platform

The Cortet IoT Control Platform is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) platform ideal for building automation systems & products. The platform provides a robust framework on top of which great smart building control systems & products can be built (such as Cortet's own Lighting Control Solution). A high level of reliability, automation, simplicity, and security can be achieved by leveraging the building blocks of the platform.

The Cortet IoT Control Platform is available to numerous smart building product OEMs as part of the Powered By Cortet partnership programContact us to learn more.

Faster, Simpler Way to Enter the Smart Building Revolution

The Cortet IoT Control Platform gives product & system OEMs a faster, simpler way to create differentiated IoT-enabled products, successfully enter the smart building revolution, and continue to grow revenue over time using IoT-enabled services.

The turnkey Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides all the necessary, integrated pieces that OEMs need to succeed in commercial grade IoT control. The platform enables OEMs to quickly:

IoT-Enable Existing Products

IoT-Enable Existing Products

Establish Reliable Wireless Control

Establish Reliable Wireless Control

Bridge Local & Cloud Control

Bridge Local & Cloud Control


Provide Simple User Experience

Wireless Nervous System

The Cortet building automation system is ideal for smart building technology. The distributed, scalable, secure architecture of the Cortet IoT Control Platform can be used to build a strong wireless infrastructure. It becomes the wireless nervous system of the modern smart building.

The Cortet IoT Control Platform was designed to support products that are code-compliant, simple to install, automatically configured & managed, and easily expanded over time – making them the preferred choice for architects, facility managers and building occupants.


Seamless IoT Architecture

The Cortet IoT Control Platform is based on an efficient architecture that creates a seamless & dynamic link between a wireless mesh network of devices, user interface (UI) applications, and cloud-hosted software. The architecture is a highly scalable distributed architecture that maximizes security, speed, and reliability.

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The Cortet IoT Control Platform is based on a scalable, distributed architecture for Internet of Things smart building control.  Gateways can be used as standalone IP-connected IoT gateways and to rapidly control native devices for small or medium scale networks.

Cortet Smart Control App

The Cortert Smart Control App provides fast and powerful direct control of all of the wireless devices in your system.

Basic Features:

  • Control many types of devices: lights, shades, plugs, thermostats, and more
  • Monitor many types of sensors: PIR/motion, contact, water leak, and more
  • Dynamically configure automations/rules: if this, then that behavior
  • Benefit from automated smart groups of devices based on location/room/zone
  • Create custom groups of devices
  • Fast, local-based control for on-premises access
  • Remote control & monitoring for off-premises access
  • Secure user registration and log-in

Cortet Cloud

The Cortet Cloud is a thin, yet powerful cloud solution. With the ability to provide system access 24/7 from anywhere in the world, we make sure your system is always and securely connected.

Basic Features:

  • Secure user authorization and management
  • Secure remote relay service: allowing off-premises applications to control & monitor on-premises networks
  • Secure protocol & RESTful API for cloud-to-cloud communication
  • Scalable to adjust to changing business needs
  • Portable to other hosting services
  • Locally deployable

The Cortet API

The Cortet API (Application Program Interface) was designed with simplicity in mind. Based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), the API is lightweight and easy for developers to understand and use; all without sacrificing capability. The Cortet platform uses the same API for cloud communication and mobile app communication with the gateway, making it even easier for developers with work with the Cortet system and provide customers with a seamless app-to-cloud experience.

Using the Cortet API, a software developer with no wireless networking expertise can create great applications on top of a rock-solid wireless network framework.

The Cortet API is:

  • Simple
    • Based on the RESTful API that developers already know and use
    • Easy to read and understand JSON payload
    • Developers do not need to know any wireless protocols to use the API
  • Extensible - New features and attributes can be easily added thanks to JSON key/value pairs
  • Secure - All API calls are secured with HTTPS using TLS/SSL