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Cortet Light Control Mobile App

Simple Lighting Automation

The Cortet Light Control Mobile App focuses on capturing the space around you and configuring how it should automatically respond to you. An installer (or user) can tell the system just once what lights, what sensors, and what other devices are in each zone, and then zones with device pairings will automatically be configured. With an intuitive and guided user interface, you then simply tell the app how you want the lighting ambiance to appear at different points throughout the day.

Then, Cortet handles the rest automatically without the need to directly control lights or constant app access. For example, if you tell the system to open shades and bring the light level up to a comfortable setting in the morning, Cortet takes care of that behavior every morning. If the sun is not up yet or if it is a cloudy rainy day, Cortet make the lights brighter automatically to achieve the same desired light level. The light automation system even includes temporary overrides for those times when you just need a one-time adjustment.

Basic Features

  • Control zone light level: on, off, and dim
  • Control individual light levels: on, off, and dim
  • Fast, local-based control for on-premises access
  • Remote control & monitoring for off-premises access
  • Edit lighting schedules
  • Benefit from automatically-generated sensor-driven lighting behavior such as:
    • Daylight harvesting light dimming based on desired zone light levels
    • Occupancy-based light control based on desired vacancy delays
  • Modify lighting sensor automation behavior
  • Control color & white temperature when available
  • Secure user registration and log-in
  • Easy initial installation procedure for the installer