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Solution for Luminaire OEMs

A Turnkey Solution for Luminaire OEMs

Cortet’s turnkey Lighting Control Solution is specifically tailored to help luminaire & lamp OEMs build higher-margin revenue by offering lighting controls to their customers.

Powering Your Wireless Lighting Control System with Cortet

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution is a ready-for-market lighting controls system that provides OEMs with a sellable solution that expands their share of non-specified business, while also providing new opportunities to promote & sell specified solutions that require smart lighting controls functionality.

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution also enables luminaire & lamp OEMs to continually generate new sources of revenue from intelligent lighting automation, analytics, and management services that are now emerging and that are only possible through Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

A luminaire and/or lamp OEM can use the Cortet Lighting Control Solution as their own wireless lighting control system offering. The Powered By Cortet partnership provides OEMs with opportunities to co-brand key control system infrastructure devices and customer-facing software applications. It also provides OEMs access to sell many Cortet Certified lighting devices. There are even opportunities for OEMs to work with Cortet to differentiate their control system offering to the market.

To get started, be sure to read more about the Powered By Cortet partnership program and please contact CEL today.