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Wireless Lighting Control

Reliable, Automated, Simple, and Secure Wireless Lighting Controls

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution is a wireless control system. It is specifically designed to provide commercial-grade wireless lighting controls that are reliable, automated, simple, and secure. The Cortet Lighting Control Solution uses Cortet’s proven IoT Control Platform  as its foundation giving it the reliable robustness, the automated intelligence, the simplicity, and the security CEL is known for.

wireless lighting Control Functions

Automate Lighting Control Functions

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution automates many of the most commonly used lighting control functions for wireless light fixtures, while introducing new automated capabilities only possible through IoT integration, including:

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting

Leverage photo sensors to tune the lumen output of lights up or down based on the presence of sunlight to save energy.


Occupancy-Based Controls

Leverage occupancy sensors to turn lights off or to a preset low level when no people are present in a room or zone.


Warm Dimming

Set schedules for or dynamically control the white temperature level for improved comfort.


Color Control

Set schedules for or dynamically control the color of RGB lights to transform environments.

User Controls

User Controls

Leverage a variety of simple user interfaces such as mobile applications to control and configure the smart lighting.



Set schedules for preset scenes and to automate the lighting of an environment.

Wireless Lighting Control

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution can be used to achieve compliance with new and emerging energy codes & standards (such as Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, DLC, etc.). It does this within a system that is simple to install & use, automatically configured & managed, and easily expanded over time - making it a preferred choice for lighting specifiers, architects, facility managers, and building architects.