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Why Cortet

Built on 55+ Years of Wireless Control Excellence. We Help OEMs Achieve New, High-Margin Revenue.

Cortet’s turnkey Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled control solutions are specifically designed to help product & system OEMs create products that expand their business. By combining the power of the Cortet platform with partnership programs like Cortet Certified and Powered By Cortet, Cortet brings OEMs together in new ways that generate new business opportunities.

Cortet Integration & Test Lab

The Cortet team lives and breathes wireless control. Just outside of Chicago in our high-tech Buffalo Grove office, our team has constructed the Cortet Integration & Test Lab. When we add devices such as lights, light switches, sensors, and shades to our control systems, we add them to our Cortet Integration & Test Lab.

In our Cortet Integration & Test Lab, devices undergo continual testing within various control systems built on top of the Cortet IoT Control Platform. Devices are tested at scale, under multiple conditions, and within various architecture configurations. When changes are made to any control system or to any of the devices themselves, all the tests are redone to ensure the continual compatibility of all devices within the system.

We don't just build automated building systems. We test and retest them every day. Contact us to schedule a visit to our advanced facility.

We Are Trusted and Proven

The Cortet team is an integral part of CEL, a trusted wireless partner of Fortune 100s and small companies alike for over 55 years. Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers and business leaders who have spent years developing commercial-grade wireless products and control systems. Our employee-owned business is stable, profitable, and resilient.

CEL has experts in numerous offices including California, Illinois, Colorado, Hong Kong, and Japan.